HedgeNordic: ‘Stabil’ Second Half for Othania Stabil Investering

oktober 27, 2023

Det nordiske medie HedgeNordic har sat fokus på vores All Weather fond Othania Stabil Investering, fordi den gennem den store uro siden sommeren for 4. måned i træk leverer positive afkast, mens både aktier og obligationer falder. 📈

HedgeNordic skriver blandt andet:

“The second half of the year has posed challenges for both stocks and longer-term bonds amid the “higher for longer” sentiment.

In the early part of 2022, Danish fund boutique Othania launched Othania Stabil Investering, a fund designed to equally distribute investments across five different asset classes to protect capital in volatile markets such as those experienced in the second half of 2023. After a flat first half of the year, Othania Stabil Investering is enjoying its fourth consecutive month of positive returns, advancing 1.8 percent from the mid-point of the year to the end of October.”

Vincent udtaler til HedgeNordic:

“The point of our ‘All Weather’ investment approach in Othania Stabil Investering is precisely to remain well-prepared for any economic, financial, or geopolitical environment that unfolds,” explains Larsen. The objective of Othania’s ‘All Weather’ approach is not to predict financial markets but rather to “protect against major market downturns while taking advantage of increasing fluctuations in financial markets.” 

Du kan læse hele artiklen på HedgeNordic her: https://hedgenordic.com/2023/10/stabil-second-half-for-othania-stabil-investering/